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I've had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious brands such as Netflix, The New York Times, Mattel, and various movie studios on advertising billboards and digital art projects. It's been an exhilarating journey, crafting visually stunning campaigns that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. From designing eye-catching billboards that grace city skylines to creating digital art that resonates across online platforms, each project has presented unique challenges and opportunities for creativity. Working alongside talented teams, we've pushed boundaries, embraced innovation, and delivered exceptional results that elevate the brands we serve to new heights of recognition and success.

Agency Work

Melanie Mills Hollywood


Melanie Mills Hollywood, established by Emmy Award-winning celebrity makeup artist and author Melanie Mills, offers a range of products adored by celebrities and makeup aficionados worldwide.


Andrea was pivotal in designing packaging, tradeshow graphics, websites, and daily social media content. Additionally, she provided support behind the scenes for photoshoots and global campaigns, ensuring a seamless visual presence across all platforms.


Gem and Stones is a brand that believes in the power of jewelry to tell stories and inspire. It is dedicated to creating bespoke pieces with intention, drawing from the symbolic properties of natural stones.

As the Art and Creative Director, Andrea played a pivotal role in shaping the identity of Gem and Stones. She conceptualized and executed visual strategies that aligned with the brand's ethos, ensuring that every design element communicated our story and intentions effectively. From crafting the brand's visual identity to designing packaging, website layout, and social media graphics, she maintained a cohesive and compelling aesthetic across all platforms. Additionally, she collaborated closely with the team to curate photography and imagery that showcased their jewelry in its best light, enhancing its allure and resonance with their audience.

Gem & Stones

Shop U Love Megz



"Megz," the beloved beauty influencer from Los Angeles, brings a fresh and honest approach to lifestyle and beauty reporting, captivating over 70 million women worldwide. From live hairstyling sessions to candid commentary, Megz's journey from childhood art fascination to makeup expertise has inspired hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, with over 70 million views to date. Her mission is to empower and inspire women to achieve their beauty and personal goals, using her own journey as a beacon of encouragement for generations to come.

Andrea was responsible for crafting the visual identity of the brand across digital and print platforms. This encompassed designing compelling graphics for the website and various branding materials, ensuring consistency and resonance with the target audience. I collaborated closely with the team to develop creative solutions that effectively communicated the brand's message and enhanced its online presence. Additionally, I contributed to the creation of marketing materials and social media graphics, utilizing my design expertise to drive engagement and brand recognition.

Atturo Tires


Atturo specializes in delivering top-notch, high-performance tires to cater to the diverse needs of contemporary SUV, Light Truck, SxS, Performance, and Electrified vehicle enthusiasts.


Andrea led numerous projects as the principal designer, crafting impactful digital and large-scale graphic solutions that effectively conveyed each client's unique brand message across various platforms.

AVN Media Network


AVN industry stats and reports have been published in Variety, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Detroit Free Press, the Los Angeles Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, KTLA, FOX, and many more. AVN continues to set the standard for the business of pleasure by delivering unparalleled content that reaches industry professionals, mainstream media, and diverse consumer groups and communities.

As the Art Director for AVN, my role was instrumental in shaping the brand's visual identity and engagement strategies. I curated compelling content for both print and digital platforms, ensuring coherence and captivating storytelling. Expertly guiding color schemes, typography, and visual language, I maintained brand consistency and elevated overall aesthetics. Designing responsive websites for awards campaigns contributed to a notable 50% increase in social media engagement. Through efficient project management, I successfully delivered projects within budget and schedule constraints. Additionally, I created impactful graphics for trade shows, leveraging current design trends to maximize brand visibility and innovation.


my role involves enhancing and perfecting images to achieve desired aesthetics. This includes tasks such as removing imperfections, adjusting colors and lighting, and generally enhancing the overall visual appeal of photographs. Whether it's for advertising, editorial, or personal use, I utilize my skills to bring out the best in every image, ensuring they meet the client's vision and objectives.

Photo Retouching 


YouBar, develops and manufacture cutting-edge protein bars for Fortune 500 brands and disruptors in food from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX to New York, and everywhere in between. Their clients' bars are sold everywhere from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Amazon, to GNC, Costco and Target.

I led the creation of consumer product packaging, logos, web banners, and more for diverse audiences, ensuring they align perfectly with brand identity and client goals. With a focus on strategic creativity, I've delivered impactful solutions that drive business growth and engagement, while also managing and mentoring cross-functional teams to foster innovation. Together, we've achieved remarkable results, including a 70% increase in website traffic from social media referrals, and I'm excited to share our journey with you.


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